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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Susan Boyle coming to America?

Guess who might cross the pond and sing for American audiences?

The invitation will be extended: Susan Boyle is more than welcome to appear on the American version of the talent show that shot her into stardom.

The Scottish woman who became a media darling on "Britain's Got Talent" just might show up on NBC's talent show, "America's Got Talent."

"If she’s up for it and she is well enough,” says Piers Morgan, a judge on both shows. "Our feeling is she probably will [appear on AGT]. Absolutely!”

He said Simon Cowell, who helps produce both shows, wants Boyle to come to America.

And even if that doesn't happen, he promised reporters that the new season of the American version - which debuts June 23 - will reflect the Susan Boyle Effect.

"From the time ("Britain's Got Talent") aired in Britain, thousands more people auditioned in America. She had a big effect on auditions," Morgan said. "There will be two or three acts who could have the same impact. After one group performs, there won't be a dry eye in the house."

He said he and fellow judges David Hasselhoff and Sharon Osbourne won't know the contestants before they compete, just like they didn't know Boyle's story before she first stood in front of them and wowed them.

"If we knew Susan Boyle had a voice like an angel, we wouldn't have been condescending to her. It's very important to the integrity of the show that the judges not get any warning," he said.

He was just a little excited about the possibility of Boyle appearing on the American show. “Susan singing live to 25 million Americans? That would be great!” he said. "She still gets a bit tired sometimes, but she is 48.”

Forty-eight old?

Let's hope they let her on the plane with her hearing aid and cane.

| Lisa Gutierrez

Susan Boyle Mazes

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